Writing a corrective action plan sample

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Writing a corrective action plan sample

Maybe your company has been audited and an area has been identified as out of compliance with a regulation. Or, you may be inundated with customer complaints because a process is not working as intended. In any event, many people, processes and actions may be required to resolve the issue.

Use the sample corrective action plan discussed in this article to coordinate the necessary changes.

writing a corrective action plan sample

Utilizing this document will keep the team focused and allow interested parties to quickly assess progress. The template may be downloaded for free from the Bright Hub Media Gallery at the following link: Corrective Action Plan Template. All of the items in the template are discussed below.

However, a more detailed discussion is required for the problem statement and desired outcome, since all of the other sections are developed based upon the formulation of these items. A Formal Plan to Improve Clearly state the problem in the first section of the plan. In some instances, the issue may be articulated in an audit report or other formal document by a third party.

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If the issue was identified internally, then the problem can vary depending upon the viewpoint. Develop consensus by gathering information from stakeholders.

A concise and narrowly defined project scope will streamline the action plan development process. Desired Outcome The next section of the sample correction action plan is the desired outcome. This component details what will be accomplished.

As with the problem, zeroing in on a detailed and clear outcome is critical. There are many solutions to a problem.

Some work may need to occur in order to establish agreement on the best result. Unnecessary delays in the development of a corrective action can occur when agreement can't be reached on the solution to a problem.

Avoid this situation by building the research of alternatives into the plan. Initially, the desired outcome may be less detailed. Update the desired outcome when critical decisions have been made.

Corrective Action Plan Template The following components are provided in the sample corrective action plan. Add or delete sections as appropriate: Problem — State the problem in specific and concrete terms. Desired Outcome — Articulate the desired outcome. Sponsor — Identify the overall responsible party for the changes.

Depending upon the magnitude of the problem, the sponsor may also be responsible for specific action items as well. Task — List the steps required to accomplish the change. Break the action items into logical and small steps rather than lumping tasks together.

This will make accountability and tracking progress easier. Begin with actionable verbs for consistency and maximum impact. For each task, detail the following information: Responsible Person — Ideally, this is one individual with overall responsibility for completion of the task.

This person will report the status to the overall sponsor.Corrective Action Plan Letter Sample. Corrective Action Plan Letter Sample. Visit. Discover ideas about Letter Example [ Resume Cover Letter Grade Book Report Writing Contact Information Sample Choose Free And Format ] - Best Free Home Design Idea .

SOP Writing. FDA regulations and electronic records compliance requires that the organization has formal documentation describing their business, quality and compliance practices.

Must-Have Tips on How to Write a Corrective Action Plan

Different organizations have different nomenclature or ways of organizing this documentation, but in general, there are three main classes of procedural documentation.

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