The resignation of durk jager from procter gamble co

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The resignation of durk jager from procter gamble co

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Durk Jager Resigns as Chief of P&G Amid Weak Earnings, Low Share Price - WSJ

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The Finance Committee met three times during the fiscal year ended June 30, The Finance Committee has the responsibilities set forth in its Charter with respect to overseeing financial matters of importance to the Company. Shareholders who wish to communicate with this Committee concerning potential Director candidates may do so by corresponding with the Secretary of the Company.

These communications should include the name and biographical data of the individual who is the subject of the communication.

The Public Policy Committee met twice during the fiscal year ended June 30, The Public Policy Committee has the responsibilities set forth in its Charter with respect to overseeing matters of importance to the Company and its stakeholders, including employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders, governments, local communities and the general public.

Topics considered by this Committee include organization diversity, sustainable development, community and government relations, product quality and quality assurance systems and corporate reputation.


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For senior business executives, a substantial portion of compensation is comprised of variable, at-risk elements with the majority based on the long-term success of the Company.

When the incentive plans pay awards at target, the executive compensation levels will equal the middle compensation range for a comparative group of companies.Reports on the plans of Procter & Gamble after the resignation of its chairman and chief executive officer Durk Jager.

The resignation of durk jager from procter gamble co

Faults acknowledged by the company; Plans of Jager's successor, A.G. Lafley, for the company; Advertising agencies that service the company's brands. San Francisco-based beauty e-tailer may face an ugly future following the resignation of Durk Jager, the innovative Procter & Gamble chief who supported the venture.

"I can't say what. NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The head of Procter & Gamble Co. - a controversial corporate veteran who tried to shake up the venerable consumer products maker through an aggressive growth strategy - quit abruptly Thursday amid the company's ongoing profit woes.

Durk Jager, who served as CEO of Cin. Note: A resignation Dr letter that gained notoriety is the one sent by Durk Jager when he leftly the board of Chiquita Brands International. Jager, a former CEO of Procter & Gamble Co., sent the letter by email, dated Nov. 19, , which the company disclosed in a securities filing later that month.

Jun 09,  · DURK JAGER, the Procter & Gamble chairman and chief executive appointed 18 months ago to reinvigorate the troubled consumer giant, resigned yesterday as the company posted its second profits.

Durk Jager's appointment as chairman, chief executive and president of Procter & Gamble less than 18 months ago was intended to make the company more proactive and faster on its feet Last week, the world's biggest advertiser showed it had certainly learned something about speed and focus, as it asked for Jager's resignation following its third.

P&G's direction unclear after Artzt