The mayan civilization outline

They were seized by a Maya lord, and most were sacrificedalthough two managed to escape. Maya peoples The Spanish conquest stripped away most of the defining features of Maya civilization. However, many Maya villages remained remote from Spanish colonial authority, and for the most part continued to manage their own affairs. Maya communities and the nuclear family maintained their traditional day-to-day life.

The mayan civilization outline

Mayan Major Accomplishments: Classical society in Meso America, powerful cultural unifier for the region; built great Pyramids Mayan Video: The calendar helped the Mayans keep track of important dates as well as astronomical discoveries. Today, the idea of a calendar is still used as well as some of the predictions the Mayans had written down.

The Mayans invented zero because they understood the concept of zero and found it necessary to have an object as a place holder. The concept of zero helped make their math very accurate and complex. Mayan Social Organization First and foremost, the start of the Mayan dynasty came to be because of many small Central American tribes.

One of their greatest discoveries was astronomy the Mayans had great and superior knowledge on the subject. With this knowledge they were able to create calendars and tell time along with other astronomical changes.

Mayans liked to keep organization they had many city-states that were ruled by kings. Having such a great social organization contributed with everyone doing their part in society and help mold a great future for their civilization. Mayan Temples Furthermore, the Mayans had many great leaders that led them into many successful time periods.

Yik'in Chan K'awiil, for example, built one of the greatest temples known.

The mayan civilization outline

Within this temple are many Mayan artifacts and stories that help us depict of the events that had happened during their time of rule. Inside this temple they also had many pictographs which were the first form of writing known.

The mayan civilization outline

These temples also served as a place where sacrifice was held. Sacrifice was very important to the Mayans they believed that with a sacrifice they would get the gods on their side and in return the gods would bless them with good crops and good luck with anything.

Sacrifices were held on special occasions to please the many gods they had. Reasons for Mayan Decline To conclude, although the Mayan civilization was successful in many aspects it still had its defects that lead to its decline and end of rule.

There are many theories about the decline but none of them have been proven. The first theory is that the Mayans had worn out the environment around them to the point that it could no longer uphold a very large population.

The Mayan population had multiplied greatly within the years. This lead to a higher demand for food and more crop planting leaving little to no space for other activities. The second speculation as to why they declined was warfare. There was always a constant conflict between many competing city-states.

The war between city-states caused many trade alliances to diminish along with the traditional system of dynastic power. The last possible reason for decline was drought. Water was a great necessity to the Mayans because not only was it needed for drinking but it was also used to irrigate crops-- which were especially hard.

Trade between Maya city-states declines, and inter-state conflict increases.CancĂșn is a tale of two cities. There's the glitzy hotel zone with its famous white-sand beaches, unabashed party scene and sophisticated seafood restaurants.

To conclude, although the Mayan civilization was successful in many aspects it still had its defects that lead to its decline and end of rule. There are many theories about the . Mayan Civilization: Tikal The Maya are among the best-known of the classical civilizations of Mesoamerica.

Mayan history starts back in the Yucatan dating around B.C., Mayan history rose to prominence around A.D. in what is present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, western Honduras, El Salvador, and northern Belize.

Understanding the Mayan Civilization and the End of the World Posted on February 20, by Jo Deep in the jungles of Mexico and Central America we discover the Mayan Civilization complete with pyramids, remnants of palace buildings, ball courts and much more.

- Mayan Architecture & The City of Tulum Outline I. Intro II. The Mayan Civilization A. Mayan Time Periods B. Mayan Territory C. Mayan Accomplishments D. Mayan Collapse III. Mayan Architecture A. Intro B.

Tulum (Case Study) 1. Mayan Glyphs: MAYA, A History of The Mayans. Author: Various. Date The Maya of Mesoamerica, along with the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru, made up the high civilizations of the American Indians at the time of the Spanish conquest.

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