The 5-m model of business planning

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The 5-m model of business planning

The correlation or mapping of lithofacies may be aided by both relative and absolute dating techniques. Landscape Suitability Rankings can be assigned that range from nil i. Mapping must be high resolution as is practical because of the amount of detail required by the archaeology.

the 5-m model of business planning

This criterion must be balanced against the large-scale 1: Mapping units must be traceable, consistently mappable, and recognizable in the field with the aid of topographic maps, aerial photography, and soil surveys.

Mapping units are therefore based upon descriptive physical characteristics including relative geomorphic positions and not on absolute time. Mapping units must be unique, with the least amount of overlap possible.

Mapping units must be arranged in a flexible and easily modified hierarchy of landscapes and landforms. A hierarchical scheme will allow different levels of detail to be rendered depending on the requirements of a particular user.

As such, it must be flexible enough to easily accept such refinements, which might include new landform units at any hierarchical level and new descriptors.

The mapping must be flexible enough to be applicable to all valleys in the state. Ultimately, geomorphic surfaces within a valley will be related, through correlation or relative landscape position, to geomorphic surfaces of tributary valleys.

Not all map units are expected to be present in all valleys, but all map units present in the valleys must fall within the framework of the LfSA mapping hierarchy.

Chapter 12

Mapping units must be as archaeologically relevant as possible. This means documenting where cultural resources will not be found because of both geological age i.

Mapping units initially must be developed independent of known locations and ages of cultural deposits so that known cultural deposits could provide one type of check on the validity and interpretation of map units developed. The code key evolved during the construction of the 14 sets of valley, bogand upland area maps, and consists of 33 numbered codes or fields.

Each code consists of a listing of items germane to the specific code number along with respective GIS code symbols or attributes, recommended map symbolsand explanatory comments where necessary. The code is dynamic, and designed to be easily modified as the situation arises.

It should be considered a guide and not a rigid template. The 33 codes are divided into three groups with similar themes see Section The first group has 13 codes with a theme that describes or interprets landscapes and landforms i.

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Interpretive Planning: The 5-M Model for Successful Planning Projects by Lisa Brochu

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the 5-m model of business planning
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