Pets and people understanding choices

You are required, by contract, to fulfill this procedure when adopting a pet this age by either redeeming the certificate or by use of a personal veterinarian.

Pets and people understanding choices

In addition, children raised with pets are are more likely to be involved in sports, clubs, hobbies and other activities than kids without pets. Some personality and social differences have been found to exist in grown-ups, as well.

According to Barrie Gunter, author of "Pets and People: The Psychology of Pet Ownership," petless adults are less likely to feel a need for companionship and more likely to be more independent and self-sufficient than people with pets.

They also tend to dislike long-term obligations; this may explain why they shy away from having pets, which can live for decades. Finally, according to Gunter, compared to people with pets, petless people are more inclined to place greater importance on keeping their homes very neat and tidy -- another reason they may choose not to have a pet.

Petless By Choice People may choose not to have a pet for any number of reasons: Or they may dislike pets, believing that they are dirty, dangerous and disease-spreading. People who are petless by choice may, in fact, more accurately consider themselves "pet-free. Petless By Chance Or Circumstance Unlike people who are petless by choice, those who are petless by chance or circumstance may feel deprived or even depressed over their petless state.

There are many reasons why they may be petless.

Pets and people understanding choices

Interestingly, the most common ones are the same reasons that people who have pets relinquish them to shelters.

Someone in their household refuses to live with a pet. Raising a pet can be expensive, especially in this economy. Their landlord or building might forbid residents to have pets, or there may be may not be adequate living space to house their preferred pet.

Long work hours or frequent traveling can make it impractical to have a pet. Some people are petless because of the death or disappearance of their pet. It may take months or even years for them to even consider having another pet, if ever.

When Tinkerbelle died, everyone told us we should get another dog. Luckily, our daughter gave us a rescue cat that helped fill the void and ease our pain. People who have never had a pet often have a hard time understanding the emotional intensity and attachment pet owners have to their pets.

This is another way in which they are very different from pet owners and those who are petless by chance or circumstance.

Pets in the Cabin

Yes, pets can be pests. But they also can provide us with endless hours of entertainment, companionship, physical affection and unconditional love. I also believe that if given the opportunity to interact with pets, some will join the ranks of pet owners -- or at least pet lovers.

If petless people are willing to give it a shot, they can reap the benefits of interacting with pets without the commitment of ownership. If they then decide to get a pet of their own hopefully after carefully weighing the pros and consthey should strongly consider adopting a pet from a shelter.Veronica thank God, you must be the smartest person alive i’m tired of people comparing humans and animals like they are people that think like that must be doing things to their pets I’m’s repulsive how some people compare animals and babies as if you give birth to a when you’re pregnant in the first trimester your pet starts to act out and become.

Note: Many places that say “Pets Welcome,” are actually only talking about cats and small dogs, under 15 pounds. People who have the larger dogs really have to be careful, because many of these Pet Friendly places, be it condos or rental-apartments, don’t indicate that they only allow the small pets.

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