Marked 08a written submission attempt

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Marked 08a written submission attempt

Who can make a submission? Any person or organisation can make a submission to a parliamentary committee. What should I put in my submission? Each inquiry has terms of reference which set out the issues the committee will consider.

Your submissions may include facts, opinions, recommendations or suggested solutions to the issues the committee is considering. How should I format my submission? There is no set format for submissions.

Your contribution can take the form of a letter, paper or report. When writing your submission, please: Make your submission brief and clear. If your submission is long, it is helpful to include a summary of your key points on the first page.

Please number the pages in your submission. Make sure your submission is readable. Include additional material if appropriate. You may support your submission with additional material, such as articles or letters.

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Make it clear who the submission is from. If you are making a submission on behalf of an organisation, please indicate your position in the organisation and the level at which the submission has been authorised.

Please sign your submission. If you are sending your submission electronically, please provide your name and contact details such as address or phone number. Be relevant and appropriate.

Marked 08a written submission attempt

A committee may not accept a submission that is not relevant to the terms of reference, is frivolous or contains offensive language or remarks. When are submissions due?

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Committees have tight timelines for completing inquiries, so it is important that you send your submission by the advertised due date.

How do I send my submission?

Marked 08a written submission attempt

Committees prefer submissions are made online via e-submission. Hard copy submissions should be sent to:FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY NOTE: Weekly announcements will be sent out every Thursday and will span over two weeks’ worth of events.

These frequent announcements are being reinstated based on feedback from the Fort Detrick community. If a bona fide attempt is made to comply with § , but A copy of the translation if a written English-language translation of a non-English-language document, or Use of form PTO/SB/08A and 08B, Information Disclosure Statement, to list the documents is encouraged.

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Copyright (C) , Dell, are permitted to copy and distribute material from this book provided (1) any. You can participate in an inquiry by making a written submission. Submissions add to a committee’s knowledge and understanding of an issue and may influence the committee’s recommendations.

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