How to write a song lyrics in telugu

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How to write a song lyrics in telugu

I had a guru and a fatherly figure in RSS. He is 7 years elder to me. He used to like me immensely. Generally, the elders wont like the kid if he is mature beyond his age.

They tell that kid not to talk 'pedda matalu'. I used to be such kind of a kid. And my RSS master is the only person who tolerated my maturity level at that age.

I used to be called as 'perverted genius' by others in a discouraging manner. My master used to listen to me between 6 pm and 9 pm everyday. He used to answer all my questions patiently.

I used to question each and everything at the basic level. The teachers labeled me as 'Undisciplined' and 'Anarchic'. I also have another encouraging gentleman in the form of my elder maternal uncle. We used to visit his house every summer for holidays. When all others kids were playing, I used get books from library on rent and read them.

I used to read at least 5 books a day, which costs my uncle 10 paisa per book. Giving 50 paisa for a kid per day in was great amount at that time. But he was very happy with me.

how to write a song lyrics in telugu

My uncle used to proudly tell all the people about me reading books in holidays instead of playing with other kids. He encouraged me a lot.

Both these people the RSS master and maternal uncle quarreled with my father not to stop my MBBS studies and they would fund my studies. My father clarified them that he was willing to make me study at any cost, but I was backing out. I assured my father that I would do my graduation and post graduation through Open University and complete my doctorate in studies.

Later on, I took 7 years to complete my graduation, just because of pressure and persuasion from my RSS master. I got my job at the age of 19, when I was an adolescent. It's like living in a world of freedom with ample money to spend. At that time, I started writing songs.

I never used to bother things like Charanam and Pallavi. But all my songs used to have systematic Laya. Those songs used to form a deep poetic thought written in an extraordinary syntax. Whenever you listen to any line in poetry, you have to understand the feel behind the line than understanding the mere words written.Praise the lord brother Thank you so much for the lyrics I searched a lot for it in English as I can't read write telugu And can't explain how happy I am to find it.

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how to write a song lyrics in telugu

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