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Our American journey and our success would simply not be possible without the generations of immigrants who have come to our shores from every corner of the globe. It America is a nation of immigrants. It is helpful to take a moment to reflect on the important contributions by the generations of immigrants who have helped us build our economy, and made America the economic engine of the world.

How do immigrants strengthen the U.

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Below is our top 10 list for ways immigrants help to grow the American economy. According to the Small Business Administration, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants, and 18 percent of all small business owners in the United States are immigrants.

Immigrant-owned businesses create jobs for American workers. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, small businesses owned by immigrants employed an estimated 4. Immigrants are also more likely to create their own jobs. Department of Labor, 7.

Find edu and gov blog

Immigrants develop cutting-edge technologies and companies. According to the National Venture Capital Associationimmigrants have started 25 percent of public U. This list includes Google, eBay, Yahoo! Immigrants are our engineers, scientists, and innovators.

Additionally, according to the Partnership for a New American Economy, inforeign-born inventors were credited with contributing to more than 75 percent of patents issued to the top 10 patent-producing universities.

Immigration boosts earnings for American workers. Increased immigration to the United States has increased the earnings of Americans with more than a high school degree.

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Between andincreased immigration was correlated with increasing earnings of Americans by 0. Immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods. Comprehensive immigration reform would create jobs.

Comprehensive immigration reform could support and create up tonew jobs within three years of reform from the increase in consumer spending, according to the Center for American Progress.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that even under low investment assumptions, comprehensive immigration reform would increase GDP by between 0. As a nation of immigrants, we must remember that generations of immigrants have helped lay the railroads and build our cities, pioneer new industries and fuel our Information Age, from Google to the iPhone.

The lesson of these years is clear — immigration makes America stronger. Immigration makes us more prosperous. And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century. And these young men and women are testaments to that.

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