Compulsory school uniform

The QPS school uniform is compulsory for all students. If you are unable to come during the specified uniform shop time, please contact the school office on From the beginning ofthe regulation P. There are no P.

Compulsory school uniform

Please give your comments on Compulsory school uniform essay: Should schools make uniform compulsory? It is at school the child learns good habits and mannerisms.


School strives to inculcate in students certain important values which form the basis for character formation. One of the most important ones among these values is obedience. School requires every pupil to attend school in the uniform, which it has prescribed.

By making the students attend school in uniform it is ensuring that pupils obey a system which is run for welfare of the individual and the community. In my opinion school should make uniform compulsory because apart from inculcating the value obedience in the pupils, it checks the rich-poor divide.

It prevents pupils wearing dresses which are felt offensive to the cultural sentiments of the people. Uniform attaches a sense of respect to schooling. Thesis Statement Firstly, uniform eliminates the rich-poor divide among students. If students are given a free choice with the dress they can wear to school, it is possible that those from affluent homes may wear rich fancy dresses.

This way of dressing is not only inappropriate to the occasion and also makes the students from less affluent homes feel depressed and thus be less involved in the school activities. Secondly, if pupils are permitted to come to school in the dress of their choice, there is a possibility of some, due to overt influence of foreign culture, wearing attires which are offensive to the cultural sentiments of the people of that region.

Even when such students do not have any intention to flaunt their dress before their schoolmates, they are likely to be seen as a culturally insensitive lot and their moral uprightness is severely questioned.

Thirdly, school uniform which includes tie, formal shoes among others, embodies a certain sign of formality and reverence which schooling rightly deserves. If students wear casual or semi-causal outfits to school it not only shows the pupil in poor light but also belittles the essential value of schooling.

Some think that as world is becoming more and more considerate to problems of children face at different places, school must be relax their rule on uniform a little so that children can have some freedom in the choice of their dress they can wear to school.


There is no doubt that world is becoming increasingly considerate to the concerns of children but at the same time if the school relaxes its policy of compulsory uniform for everyone, just as it has been said earlier many might start wearing dresses which stands in conflict with the moral values of the community.

Thus, for all the reasons mentioned above I strongly believe that school must make uniform compulsory for the students. Jan 15 It is at school that the child learns good habits and mannerisms.

Mannerism is not quite what you want here - use manners.

Compulsory school uniform

Some schools require every pupil to attend school in a uniform, no comma which has been prescribed. Schools can require every pupil to attend school in a uniform, which it has prescribed. It prevents pupils from wearing dresses which may be are felt offensive to the cultural sentiments of some people.

A uniform attaches a sense of respect to schooling. Jan 16 Nov 29,  · What do you think on the topic of school uniforms and weather they should be compulsory at all schools?Status: Resolved.

KS2 (Years 3, 4 and 5) school compulsory uniform: *Tudor Academy knitted v neck jumper worn with white shirt and the *academy tie. A white shirt and the *academy tie may be worn without the school jumper when wearing a *blazer.

School food, accommodation, transport and uniform. Providing school food, meeting healthy eating standards. Home-to-school travel, clothing costs, developing a uniform policy. I strongly believe that all students should wear a school uniform and here is makes the school appealing,it means less organising and makes it clearer for people at athletics carnivals to define their school from other ones.

Compulsory uniforms: Good idea or not?

However a school may have a uniform but it may not be compulsory to wear. It's not unusual for a primary school to have one but for it not to be compulsory for everyone to wear it. k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by.

Debate about Should school uniform be compulsory: Should be compulsory or shouldn't be compulsory.

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