Coin harvey prophet of monte ne essay

Inthere were few adequate roads, and automobiles were not yet practical. The natural solution seemed to be to build a railroad from Lowell, Arkansas to Monte Ne. Besides Harvey, the company included:

Coin harvey prophet of monte ne essay

Harvey was also the Liberty Party nominee for the president of the United States. He attended the country schools and Buffalo Academy in —67, and then briefly taught school.

Inhe was admitted to the bar. Halliday on June 26, ; they had four children.


The couple spent much of their married life on the move. Harvey practiced law in Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, before returning briefly to Gallipolis. InHarvey took his family to Ouray, Colorado, where he operated the Silver Bell, one of the most productive silver mines in the Red Mountain district.

When the price of silver fell, Harvey abandoned mining and, inmoved his family to Pueblo, Colorado, where he practiced law, sold real estate, and helped develop the Mineral Palace, an ornate exposition hall. Bythe family moved to Ogden, Utah, where Harvey led the organization of an extravagant carnival that ended in financial failure.

In the early s, as the nation entered a period of deflation, bank failures, bankruptcies, and farm foreclosures, Harvey turned his attention to the free silver issue.

Like other western business leaders, he believed that abandoning the gold standard and returning to the free coinage of silver would restore prosperity.

Monte Ne introduced the first indoor swimming pool in Arkansas, and was also the site of the only presidential convention ever held in the state. The Monte Ne resort was not a financial success, due in part to Harvey's failure to adequately manage the resort's funds. Entrepreneur William Hope “Coin” Harvey thought civilization was doomed, so in , he started building a pyramid at Monte Ne to preserve the history of civilization. Harvey, who had worked all over the country as a lawyer, silver miner, and promoter, bought acres in , renamed the town Monte Ne (meaning “mountain water”), and began to build his resort. It eventually included three hotels, a bank, a golf course, an enclosed swimming pool, and a five-mile connecting railroad.

InHarvey moved his family to Chicago to devote his time to the cause. He began writing and lecturing, arguing that the U. Treasury should buy all silver offered at a set price and issue silver certificates backed by the deposits.

During the presidential race, he campaigned for William Jennings Bryan, the Democratic free silver candidate. Bryan lost the election, but Harvey remained an influential political figure. Harvey had campaigned for Bryan in northwest Arkansas and noticed that the area had no large cities or extremely wealthy people.

Inhe purchased acreage around a village then called Silver Springs, five miles southeast of Rogers Benton County. He announced plans to build a resort around the community.

His wife returned to Chicago, and the couple never again lived together. Harvey continued work on his luxurious resort. By Maythe Hotel Monte Ne was completed. Within a few years, the resort had expanded to include two more hotels, a tennis court, and the first indoor swimming pool in Arkansas.

Harvey built a railroad spur linking Monte Ne to the St.Harvey invented the name Monte Ne for his new resort, saying he concocted the name from the Spanish and Indian words for "Mountain" and "Water." He laid out streets, built hotels, marked out lots, established a bank and a newspaper.

Excerpt from. Coin Harvey and His Monte Ne* By J. Dickson Black.

Coin harvey prophet of monte ne essay

pages The Man Who Built Monte Ne. William Hope (Coin) Harvey, king of the Free Silver movement, prophet of Monte Ne, did many things in his life time.

The book, "Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne" by Lois Snelling, was commissioned by the Benton County Historical Society to chronicle Harvey's life from his birth on a farm at Buffalo, Virginia to the effect he would have on the Northwest Arkansas area well after his death on February 11, at Monte Ne.

William Hope “Coin” Harvey founded both the resort of Monte Ne (Benton County) and the Ozark Trails Association, establishing him as a pioneer in the promotion of Arkansas tourism. Harvey was also the Liberty Party nominee for the president of the United States.

Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne Essays - William Hope Harvey was born the fifth of six children on August 16, to Colonel Robert Trigg Harvey and Anna Limbroux.

Called Billy in his youth, Harvey went to school in a log house during the civil war, taught a term at sixteen, and graduated law school at nineteen.

William “Coin” Harvey took a different route before he built Monte Ne east of Rogers, Arkansas. William Hope Harvey was born in in Buffalo, Virginia, in what became West Virginia.

As a.

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