Chuck palahniuk craft essays

Can't get started or stalling when you do? Whether experienced or novice, most writers suffer from the dreaded writers' block at some time. And it's not really surprising it happens. Writing is hard work.

Chuck palahniuk craft essays

Chuck palahniuk craft essays

The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas Yes, the Thomas book is old, but PopCo kept me company on my flight back from London, so Scarlett Thomas was the first author that came into my head when they asked for a list. And it fit into the accidental theme I had going of geeky girls.

Posted by Jessa Crispin link May 22, Apparently English professors don't like it when faculty in other departments bring in more poets than they do: Gary Sullivan has a disturbing story from Dickinson Collegeabout the English department helping to block a psychology professor's tenure bid.

But remember last week's takeaway: I can't pretend to be much of a judge of poetry: I'm an English teacher, not a homosexual. Andrew Motion's still got another 6 months at least as the poet laureate, and already there's speculation over his successor. The early frontrunners are Carol Ann Duffy, back in the game now that being a lesbian mother isn't quite the scarlet letter it was a decade ago, and Simon Armitage my five-yr-old's choicewho ten years ago was deemed too young.

Gordon Brown's not yet been in touch, but of these two I'd cast my lot with Duffy, on the strength of her early monologues, which are among my favorite in recent years.

There's been some entertaining coverage about this already: Vanessa Thorpe thoughtfully provides a sort of betting guide to the various candidates though, as Todd Swift has observed --poor Geoffrey Hill!!! Thorpe notes that If the role were given to a woman, it would mark a change in national appetites.

While many of Britain and Ireland's reigning literary titans are men, among them Raine, Seamus Heaney, Don Paterson and James Fenton, it is also true that female poets are more popular than ever with their audience.

If Duffy doesn't get it, though, I guess those appetites would just fade away? In Akbar's article, Chloe Garner is quoted as citing Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president as a reason to nominate a woman laureate.

George Murray, who's been tracking all this with amusement, reminds us not to expect too much. Via dumbfoundrya new site that focuses on interviews with poets: Volumes kicks off with Geraldine Monk: Before I leave this I want to qualify what I say by pointing out that I don't think the maligners of 'origin' would come from sound or concrete poets.

Although these poets deal primarily with abstract sound or visual conceits they snuggle up so closely to visual arts and music that 'poetry' is a tenuous nomenclature and doesn't really come into play. Victor Schnickelfritz does math and has graphs!

Irrefutable criticism from Simon Cowell: Jones link I'll be on Chicago Tonight this evening, discussing "summer reading. While I'm doing that, here are some things to read: The Telegraph profiles Charles Fortthe man who started my fascination with spontaneous human combustion as a child.

It is occasionally interesting, but it makes me wonder how long this meme will keep going. If you are upset about the waning audience for criticism, perhaps the best way to woo them back is not by repeatedly complaining about the waning audience for criticism.

See you tomorrow, with tv-grade eye make-up probably still applied. I actually chose this image after much painful obsession. Her hair looked like cinnamon rolls and made me laugh.

I considered many before settling on this and then changing my mind 10 million times. Turned out after months of sleuthing, I found him with one phone call.Welcome. Welcome to the home for writers.

We talk about important matters for writers, news affecting writers, and the finer aspects of the writing craft. Here are those craft essays I was talking about. Some really good advice in here. - T. L. Hammond - Google+.

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