Chip off the old block

British Dictionary definitions for chip chip a small piece removed by chopping, cutting, or breaking a mark left after a small piece has been chopped, cut, or broken off something in some games a counter used to represent money a thin strip of potato fried in deep fat US and Canadian a very thin slice of potato fried and eaten cold as a snackAlso called in Britain and certain other countries:

Chip off the old block

Health A chip off the old engine block James Clark, the late MP's eldest son, shares his father's love of speed, family and remote places, he tells Elizabeth Grice The Clark clan: In the past 90 miles by road from Inverness, we have pounded through the sort of landscape they use for car ads: There's no public transport.

Mobile phones don't work. It has been 15 miles since the last shop. The single track road is falling away - it feels as if, any minute now, we will tip over the northern end of the British Isles and into the freezing ocean. Clark discovered the Eriboll estate from the air when he was working as a helicopter pilot in the North Sea.

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He wanted to regain the Scottish roots his grandfather Lord Clark of Civilisation had severed, not in the "midge-infested hell" of an inland estate but somewhere by the sea. It appealed to him to be as far from grimy, overcrowded England as possible.

I can't stand life in London. I can't stand the people. But south of the town, on the A9, there are cameras everywhere. You've got Ford Mondeos with luggage on the roof and radar traps inside them.

Chip off the old block

It's no fun at all any more. I used to love driving until the police spoilt that by stopping everybody. Related Articles 8 September Alan Clark plots his own death 15 Sep "My father drove fast and accurately. I drive fast and badly. I just don't have the patience.

I get terrible road rage. He fondly recalls racing against a Sierra Cosworth towards the Tay bridge while in an Audi Quattro with his black labrador, Gary, on the floor beside him. The roaring gave me a real fright.

Instead, deep in the long grass lurk some incredible hulks: By the back door is parked that emblem of country respectability, a Land Rover Discovery fitted with a child seat.

His red-headed son, Angus, is nearly four and accounts for many adjustments in Clark's hitherto reckless existence. I go cold when I think of the lives I've used up, most of them on fast machines, either aircraft or cars. I was wild, completely wild.

One thought one was invincible. It frightens me now. He has the same craggy, roguish looks, square face and slate eyes, the same clenched way of speaking. When the Clark diaries were being turned into audio books, James was asked to recommend an actor to read them.

But he said he didn't want anyone else impersonating his father - and did it himself, cadence perfect. They were close, possibly closer than he is prepared to admit. Not just in their lethal competitive streak and fascination with powerful cars but in their understanding of what made them go.

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James was his father's mechanic. He could strip and rebuild a SU carburettor in his sleep and probably has Castrol R running in his veins. You have to know your subject to buy as he did and he'd spent a lifetime studying it.

Alan Clark's buccaneering metropolitan image - the girlfriends, the racy public persona, the maverick tendencies - disguised the enormous value he put on solitude and family life.

When he knew he was suffering from the incurable brain tumour that killed him two years ago, he made a valedictory trip to Eriboll.Chock-a-Block Zoo. Have a great time filling in some hidden animals with colored rods of different lengths. This game offer 9 different animals, plus a freeform canvas on which to make your own art.

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chip off the old block, a person who resembles one parent in appearance or behavior: His son is just a chip off the old block.

chip on one's shoulder, a disposition to quarrel: You will never make friends if you go around with a chip on your shoulder.

in the chips, Slang. A Chip Off the Old Block (Traditional Chinese: 巴不得爸爸 ) is a TVB television drama from Hong Kong produced and created by Poon Ka Tak. The original broadcast was on the TVB Jade with approximately minute-long episodes airing five days a week.

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