Argumentative essay against war

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Argumentative essay against war

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Did the resulting loss of life cost more than a deadly invasion of the Japanese mainland?

Argumentative essay against war

In Augustthe first dropping of atomic bombs in civilian areas of Japan killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Immediately following those bombings, Japan surrendered to the United States.

The following essay summarizes the defense of the atomic bomb and its use, the arguments against the use of atomic weapons, and includes my personal opinion on the subject.

As the war with Germany grew closer to the end, the United States had their hands full with an increasingly effective war with Japan. The defeat of Japan became more apparent to many allied and Japanese leaders after the fall of the Mariana Islands and Saipan in July of The Mariana Islands had been a key defense point for Japan, but after they were captured, Japan was in range of bombing.

From November to the dropping of the atomic bomb, Japan was subjected to numerous B bomb raids using conventional bombs. General Curtis LeMay predicted the war to end in September or October of because the United States would have run out of industrial targets to destroy.

While Japan was being severely bombed, there was also a naval blockade to stop Japan's ability to import such necessities as oil and vital materials. This would have interfered with Japans' ability to make war items and repair essential services.

Argumentative essay against war

Admiral William Leahy wrote to President Truman, "By the beginning of September,Japan will almost be completely defeated through a practically complete sea and air blockade.

In July a message from the allies known as the "Potsdam Proclamation" was broadcast in Japan. The proclamation demanded "the unconditional surrender of all the Japanese armed forces. Because there was no assurance of the Emperor's fate the Japanese objected to the "Potsdam Proclamation.

As Churchill says, "The end of the Japanese war depended upon the pouring in of their armies for the final and perhaps protracted slaughter.

We need to ask no favors of the them. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare.

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They were not politicians or soldiers. They were private citizens, women and children. Was the dropping of the atomic bomb necessary to end the World War? Might the war have ended as soon, with less deaths on both sides, and before the Soviets had entered into northern Korea?

Did the atomic bomb of Hiroshima scare the Soviets into putting their atomic bomb program into action? Did those events then lead directly to the later Korean War? Was an atomic precedent set, which would be hard to change in the future?

The knowledge that the Soviets were about to declare war on Japan would have crushed any hope the Japanese had of negotiating peace terms through the Soviets. The nearing two war fronts would have disabused Japan's military forces.

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