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Topics cienfuegoscopwatchracautonomousindigenousnefacsocialbookfairanarchismanarchydecolonizedecolonization The Intersection of Social Movements and Anarchism The question of how anarchists should relate to different social movements has always been at the forefront of anarchist thought and action. We know that social movements, in many forms, are vital to revolutionary change in a period of crisis, but we also know that social movements are complex and not always inherently anti-authoritarian or non-hierarchical.

Antithesis nefac

Ivory Ann Drive Sparks, Nev. His flaws were obvious, most prominently his overweening egotism.


Like the dimwits he often played in the movies, he foolishly asserted that women comics were not funny. Not long before he died, he said similarly silly things to explain why he thought large numbers of potential immigrants should be barred from the United States.

But Lewis devoted tireless service to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Despite his extraordinary efforts, critics flayed him for using afflicted children as objects of pity, thus practically shaming the public into donating toward research. I understand both sides of the argument: When Heather Heyer was killed Aug.

You know an event has been dubbed a turning point when it is referred to by its place name. Think of, among many others: According to reports, Heyer threw herself into equality-themed causes, which was why she was a counterprotester at the Charlottesville rally of white nationalists. Lee, the Confederate general.

Antithesis nefac

That might seem a small distinction, but I know of thoughtful, liberal-leaning people who are percent opposed to the white nationalist cause, but who are not convinced that eliminating Confederate statues will significantly reduce racism. The lesson for us: We need to examine why people attend.

Resist labels; do not automatically equate deploring white nationalism with wishing the demise of Confederate statues. Arthur Finkelstein, who died Aug. He was a conservative political operative credited with helping elect a glittering array of Republicans, including Ronald Reagan.

Rather than pushing up his candidates, he tore down their opponents with simplistic and relentless repetition. In a U. Lawton Chiles, a Democrat. Finkelstein created an ad campaign in which Mack constantly taunted MacKay with the words: Mack ended up serving two terms in the Senate.

It is our responsibility to require candidates for all offices, not just the U. House and Senate, to explain themselves thoroughly rather than allowing them to attach superficial labels to their opponents. The lessons overlap, and combine to produce this advice: Examine thoroughly before writing.Students rise up, revolt, and reclaim their school.

Together with workers and faculty, they walk out of class and don’t beg, don’t ask, but demand in unequivocal terms that the State give back their university. Statements of Solidarity with the Occupation at UCSC.

Meeting in New York. Sat, This meeting had emerged quite recently when the two NEFAC collectives in the city had merged. Open City was the smaller by far of the two but also composed of older activists with considerable experience. Antithesis was three times larger but all its members were in their early twenties. Throw into this mix. Statements of Solidarity with the Occupation at UCSC. by Occupy California Friday Sep 25th, AM "Letters or statements of support and solidarity are of course nice, but our aim is to expand this thing. So, most helpful: occupy a building!" Antithesis Collective (NEFAC). -Antithesis, NYC NEFAC Collective Before bombs began dropping on Iraq, millions of us protested against the war. Today, the war is dismally unpopular and every day we learn of new atrocities being committed in our names. And all at the expense of the lives of U.S.

by Occupy California Friday Sep 25th, AM "Letters or statements of support and solidarity are of course nice, but our aim is to expand this thing. So, most helpful: occupy a building!" Antithesis Collective (NEFAC). Arya is a member of the Iran Solidarity Group and the Antithesis Collective (NEFAC-NYC).

He is currently a graduate student in political science at the New School for Social Research. For info about the upcoming NYC Anarchist Bookfair (9 April) see: The antithesis is free-market capitalism.

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The Obama Democrats have posed the challenge. It is now up to the Republicans to pick it up and fight along these lines. Dick Morris. Fighting, Challenges, Lines. 4 Copy quote.

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There is only one hope for mankind - and that is democratic Socialism. The best journalism displays the antithesis of Arthur Finkelstein’s approach. THE FINAL WORD: Something is “jury-rigged” if it is a temporary workaround that will be replaced by a permanent fix; something is “jerry-built” if it is poorly made.

- Antithesis, NYC - NEFAC collective Note The above statement was written as a flyer to be distributed at the Red & Black segment of the labor contingent we called for the anti-war rally in NYC on October 27th.

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